Friday, December 25, 2009

First up, Indy Grrrl

First up is Brandy who is Indy Grrrl productions. I have been following her blog for a while. The first day I stumbled upon her blog I sat and read every single post and was hooked. She has been one of the most fantastic individuals I have come in contact with on the internet. She's brilliant, with a heart of gold, and makes everything super fun. She was also the very first person I've ever worked with and purchased items from on Etsy. She has two shop's on Etsy-- Indy Grrrl Productions and Balm Box (will provide links at the end of the post) Everything here is handmade, by her , with love, and it is fantastic.

I had the pleasure of purchasing a set of best friend necklaces for my friend and myself. Brandy's communication is wonderful, her packaging is beautiful, and I want to buy up her entire store on a daily basis. Along with my purchase she sent some extra goodies for Christmas, and even a personalized hand written note. On top of that she sent a sampling from Balm Box, which is some lovely Gummy Bear lip balm. I will certainly be back for more! The balm was perfect, as I find myself struggling with lip balm on a fairly regular basis because nothing feels exactly like I want it to. The closest I've come is Burt's Bee’s, but the Balm from Indy Grrrl smells WONDERFUL and feels fantastic. Everything in her shops really is made with love.

One of my favorite things I've seen though I've not purchased yet is her Mystery Boxes, which is packed full of Indy Grrrl goodies. You can buy a surprise for yourself, which is pretty awesome, and I don't expect it'd be anything less that super pretty, fun and wonderful (I will be purchasing one in the next week or two!).

When I purchased our necklaces, I actually made a special request for them. I had seen them listed in her shop previously, but they were gone. However I sent her a custom request, and received almost an immediate response and it was a great one! She could certainly make those necklaces for me. She worked with me on chain size, pendant size, and within my budget. On top of that she managed to have them shipped to two different locations, with enough time for Christmas. She answered any questions I had promptly, let me know when they would be shipped, and she did all of this in the middle of finals for school, being exhausted, and wanting to pull her hair out, but she still made me feel fantastic about my experience with her and her shop. I will be shopping with her for a long, long time!

The necklaces were perfect, adorable, glittery, and I almost want to sleep in mine because it’s just too cute.

I <3 Indy Grrrl Productions, and Brandy herself! Please stay fantastic Brandy! (I kind of felt like Ron Burgundy with that last bit! :P) And thank you very much for keeping me entertained and providing excellent gifts <3
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Anonymous said...

So sweet! Thank you so much : ) You rock my heart away. I love your blog header and grey background too.

Chrissy said...

Why thank you ma'am, I took that photo for my blog header myself! And as far as the grey goes, it's comforting to me, and seems to make things easier to read. Glad I could bring a smile to your face as you have done the same for me many times! <3

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