Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Super Bowl

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas. This time is suppose to be about family and friends, getting together, getting fat together for a couple of days, and sometimes exchanging gifts just to see the other person smile. I love Christmas, I always have, the shopping stresses me out a bit, but I love giving gifts more than anything I think. I've done more shopping this year than I ever have before, and it was a blast.

When I lived with just my dad, we generally didn't have a Christmas tree nor celebrate Christmas because my father is not religious and to him Christmas is just a religious holiday. So instead we celebrated  Superbowl! Which now I find hilarious, when I was a kid it bothered me for a while but I got use to it. Everything was the same with gifts and food and family, just no tree and on a different day, which is ok, I don't think it really matters what day it is as long as you're together.

Now the thing that makes me the most sad,  yet is the most ironic is that my father passed away last year on Christmas Eve. When he died my oh so lovely grandmother just left me a voice message to tell me, that I checked while I was half drunk and had just gotten home from dinner with my husband. Christmas last year was the worst Christmas of all, as was the Super Bowl :P I had a hard time, I spent my Christmas sorting through things, packing up a now empty apartment, fighting with my brother, crying with my family, but it's over now.

 I miss my dad, but he made me promise that when he died, I wouldn't be miserable and dwell on the fact, Instead I would move on, and continue to live my life, (well that and to have him cremated and buried on the 50 yd line of the Cowboys Stadium) which is exactly what I am doing (the living my life part). I still miss him everyday, but there are little things I notice about myself that remind me of him, and that makes me happy. I'm glad I learned the things I did, and grew into the person I am now with my dad being a very big part of that.

Even though he isn't sitting at his computer reading this, I want to say thank you dad, even though there were a lot of tough times, I'm very proud to be your daughter, and I will love you forever.

The Super Bowl has been moving later and later each year it seems, but it will always have a special place in my heart. Merry Super Bowl.


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